My Plan Is To Build  A Strong Public Service .Mohammed Hayatu-Deen.(MHD).


PDP Presidential aspirant Mohammed Hayatu-Deen  has disclosed that his decision to join the Presidential race is to build a strong public service, he has a burning desire to work with colleagues and public servants all over the country to address the obstacles and challenges the country is  facing, and to take advantage of the immense opportunities available to be innovative, to  serve the nation and make Nigeria achieve its preeminent position as a superpower not just in possibilities, but in reality.

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen stated this while answering questions from FabmimiBlog during a media outing ,he noted that he believes that the public servant is critical to Nigeria’s transformation and that they can out perform expectations just by having someone who can stand up for them as shining stars.

While stressing the need to vote a leader who is result oriented, he said he  understands the commitment required to wake up every morning and work in an environment that does not  offer the proper infrastructure and support for growth.

”I observed my father do so while serving and contributing to an environment different from his, and then working in such an environment”.

The seasoned Economist who understands the needs and importance of pensioners and the roles the played while in active service,he added that pensioners gave in their all for the public service therefore  it is dishonorable to ignore their contributions as  most of them  retire with no guarantee for a sustainable pension.”
Hayatu-Deen disclosed that his  plan is to build  a strong Public Service .

”Today, our public service is threatened, everyone is watching our government suspiciously, and nothing can be built in an environment dominated by a deficit of trust”.

It is on this premise that MHD sees an opportunity to serve the people .

Nigerians are eager and yearning  for a government they can believe and trust  in,they  are thirsty for quality leadership that delivers on the assignment to provide public goods without discrimination.

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen said he joined the race  because he wants  to contribute to nation building, overtime he  built systems that became profitable enterprises. He believes that Nigeria is positioned for an enviable transformation with exemplary leadership driven by people with credibility, imagination, and skills.

When voted into office, MHD has  promised to run a people-centered inclusive economy that focuses and  caters for  the welfare of the people because he understands the needs of Nigerians.

He has a burning desire, technical ability , and exposure to address obstacles and challenges facing Nigeria and Nigerians , and as such he will take advantage of the immense opportunities available to be innovative, serve the nation and make Nigeria achieve its preeminent position as a superpower not just in possibilities, but in reality.

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen unveiled his agenda which he tagged as,

Five Pillars of Change for transforming Nigeria
i) Vision led Governance,
ii) Socio-Cultural Reengineering,
iii) Nigeria’s position in the World (International Relations),
iv) Economic game changers
v) Security of Lives and Property

He  spoke about his three-point Economic agenda.
i) Have a clear and coherent economic philosophy that is people and principle centred, catering to the welfare of Nigerian people across various spheres.

ii) Package trade, tax, and investment incentives that are targeted to promote the expansion of specific industries and stop the cycle of commodity boom and bust

iii) Put better and functional infrastructure in place through decentralization as well as public-private partnerships in the critical areas of strategic national interest – power, aviation, education, technology, healthcare, public transport, and security

On Economic Policies

Nine Economic principles
i) Encourage in the real sense, local (Private sector and Nigerian led) production and services in all aspects of the economy, and reduce complexities and tollgates in business
interaction with the government

ii) Have a deliberate effort toward building an entrepreneurial class in a way that can alter the landscape and create jobs.

iii) Genuinely create an enabling environment for business, leverage the innate skills of Nigerians as entrepreneurs, with equal rights for all citizens

iv) Strictly safeguard, the independence of the Central Bank and other Regulatory Agencies at all times. Have regulators focused on enforcing policies and reducing market
inefficiency, with zero-tolerance for expropriation

v) Base what we choose to produce on our comparative advantage.

vi) Develop a world-class operating model for industry intervention premised on the private sector providing leadership in the ownership and management of business entities

vii) Introduce principles of fair trading to check abuses emanating from monopolistic or oligopolistic practices.

viii) Consciously and deliberately encourage public listing as entities and industries grow in size and complexity, to provide liquidity and exit.

ix) Put in place a robust framework for a gigantic funding plan unprecedented in nature and scope in our history, to implement Nigeria’s investment agenda successfully.

He declared that his government will make sure Nigeria works for all if voted in to power .