My wife, grandkids and I will not attend church for now -Pastor Adeboye


Pastor Enoch Adeboye announced on Sunday that he and his wife will not attend church services as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG re-opens in Nigeria.

He spoke today during the online Sunday service of the Church broadcast on Dove Television.

The 78 year-old General Overseer said he and his wife will not be part of such gatherings in Lagos in observance of the protocol of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

The NCDC advises people above 65 years to keep off large gatherings, such as religious services.

Adeboye also said his grandchildren will not be part of the services because they are under 15.

He said he will continue to conduct online services for some weeks.

He said Pastors under the Church are free to resume services with their congregation or continue with the virtual worship.

“We want to thank the Almighty God that some of us will begin to gather again as from next Sunday.

“I believe that some of you are already gathering in some parts of the world and we believe that you will now begin to enjoy power of corporate prayers once again.

“But as you gather together in all those places where you are free to gather, please remember those of us who cannot gather with you yet.

“People like me and my wife cannot gather with you in Lagos because we are over 65 years of age and my grandchildren cannot gather with you yet because they are under 15 years of age.

“So, remember us in prayers, so that very soon, we will be able to join you. And now that you are able to pray together corporately.

“I am sure that your prayers will be far, far more effective against this plague so that very soon, all will be well.

“For those of you who are still at home, I think I will be reaching out to you again for a couple of weeks more.

” And for those of you who can gather, your Pastors can go back to their assignments.

“If they still want to join those of us who are still on lockdown, they are welcome of course.”