NCDC Officials flee Kogi State to avoid being tested for COVID-19



The official of the National Centre for Disease Control NCDC, Dr Andrew Noah ordered to be isolated by the Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello have fled the state to avoid being subjected to COVID-19 test.

This was disclosed Thursday night by the State Commissioner for Information Kingsley Fanwo in a statement issued late Thursday night.

Governor Bello had ordered the leader of the NCDC delegation to proceed on isolation for shaking hands with the Director of Protocol, Sunday Ayenibe after taking the microphone from him.

The governor had also explained that Dr Andrew had contravened the rules and regulations of NCDC and so should be tested for COVID-19 since he was coming from the epicenter of the disease.

“It was drama today at the Kogi State Government House as officials of the National Center for Disease Control sent to ascertain the COVID-19 status flee the state ” Fanwo stated.

It would be recalled that Kogi is one of the two states that are yet to record a single COVID-19 case in the federation.

“The Officials of the NCDC said they were sent to the State to assist the state in responding to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“The Officials said they were not ready to be tested for COVID-19 and went back to Abuja.

He said that why the NCDC Officials feared being tested was a matter of concern to the Government of Kogi State.

The Commissioner said that NCDC should come hard on its Officials for violating its rules.

“Today, the Governor showed the statesmanship in him once again by appreciating the support of the NCDC and defending the health interests of his people.

“NCDC quarantined the Chinese professionals that came to give them technical support and also took their samples for test. It is a normal practice and protocol set by NCDC.

“So NCDC will have a lot to explain as to why its officials refused to test for COVID-19. How can we be sure of their status? What are their fears? Why did NCDC sent people who are afraid of test to our State? What was their intention?

“The officials that came have done an integrity blow to the works of the NCDC. Is there something they are hiding? It is time NCDC opened up and apologize to the good people of Kogi State.

“How will they encourage people to test when its own officials are afraid of the test? This is sad”.Fanwo noted.