NCS condemns silence over killing of anti smuggling officers .


The Nigerian Customs Service has raised alarm over ongoing silence in the country while officers are been murdered .
The spokes person of Customs Compt Attah made this known in a release posted on NCS Facebook page .
Attah said “ There appears to be a conspiracy of silence concerning the deaths of Customs anti smuggling operatives.”
He added that “In no distant past, we heard loud voices criticising NCS about injuries and purported killings of some Nigerians in clear cases of violence against Officers performing their legitimate duties.”

“Those voices seem no longer loud in condemning the murder of Customs Officers.”
He noted that the Service within October 2021, lost 3 operatives with many sustaining serious injuries.
Premised on trump up charges of “invasion and burning of houses at a village” some supposedly responsible individuals are going to town with write ups that sweeps officers deaths under the carpet while dwelling on an allegation that has been debunked by the NCS with verifiable evidences.

Nigerians must rise against smugglers’ increasing tendency to resort to violence to pull through their criminal acts. Those who support criminality by either physically attacking Officers or pushing narratives that strengthen smugglers are enemies of state and should be seen as such, no matter their claim of “defending fellow Citizens”

We refuse to be intimidated by these merchants of violence. We remain focused on the job of ensuring that NOTHING that is capable of compromising National security and economy is allowed entry or exit.
NCS therefore urges well meaning Nigerians not to be distracted by this selective “concern” for human life and continue to support the Service to serve the Country better.

Compt. Joseph Attah
Customs Public Relations Officer.
For Comptroller General of Customs.