New Minimum Wage: Strike begins Sept 26, start preparing – Labour tells Nigerians


The organised labour on Monday began preparations for its nationwide strike over Federal Government’s delay in the implementation of a new National Minimum Wage.
Labour reminded Nigerians that the 14-day ultimatum issued to the federal government expires September 26 and urged them to be prepared.
Mr. Joe Ajaero, President, United Labour Congress (ULC), said this in a communiqué issued after its meeting on Monday in Lagos.
Ajaero said that if the government failed to meet their demand on the expiration of the ultimatum, it would collaborate with other labour centres and Civil Society Organisations to embark on a nation-wide strike.
“We shall no longer be obliged by this time to give any further notice to the government before embarking on the action.
“By this communiqué, we order all our affiliates and state councils nationwide to move to the final level of alert in their preparation for the proposed nationwide strike,” he said.
The labour leader said that a new national minimum wage was desirable and possible; adding that lack of patriotism, greed and corruption was the bane of a reasonable wage.
Meanwhile the Central Working Committee (CWC) of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has empowered the National Administrative Council (NAC) and its leadership to carry out all necessary actions in conjunction with other stakeholders to ensure the achievement of the minimum wage.