Nigeria won’t engage in street fight with Ghana -Presidency


Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, says the federal government will not engage in a street fight over the demolition of a building at the Nigerian high commission in Ghana.

Last week, armed men invaded the high commission and demolished some buildings under construction.

Although President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana called President Muhammadu Buhari to apologise over the incident, the house of representatives and some Nigerians have called for a retaliation.

Speaking with journalists at the presidential villa on Wednesday, Shehu said matters of this nature should be handled diplomatically and that Buhari has shown “leadership” in the issue.

“The president of Ghana has called and regretted the action and apologised to the president of Nigeria,” he said.

“I think he has shown leadership in the matter and what should Nigeria do? These are two leading countries in West Africa.

“Nigeria will not engage in a street fight with Ghana. This cannot happen. So, the two leaders, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, who is much respected in Africa, they all call him ‘Baba’, so he is bound to show restraint.

“Matters such as this when they arise, it is always better when they arise, they should be resolved diplomatically.

“No, there should not be in a fight between Nigeria and Ghana, this will not happen.”