Nigerian Artists That Avoid Local Award Shows Are Suffering From Colonial Mentality – DJ Jimmy Jatt


A Nigerian disc jockey, Oluwaforijimi Amu popularly known as Jimmy Jatt, says Nigerian artists that avoid the 2021 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) are suffering from colonial mentality.

DJ Jimmy Jatt disclosed this at an event on Saturday while reacting to the conspicuous absence of Nigerian artists at the AFRIMA show on Friday, November 26.

According to him, Nigerian artists are always quick to attend western awards shows but choose to ignore local shows in their own countries.


“I think it is the colonial mentality that is still worrying a lot of our people. When it is western world inviting you, even if it is an award in a smallest room, they are always quick to go and would probably arrive four days before the award.

“But when it is being held here, even the biggest one here. From records, all the awards or the recognition platforms here had the issues.

“Once it is us, for us, it is not as big for them. All that needs to change. Once it is other people for us, we even beg to be there,” he said.