Nigerian Blogger narrates shocking experience at Atan Cemetery Yaba .


A Nigerian blogger Abiola Alaba has given shocking details of how things are run at Yaba Cemetery

Alaba who is the editor of Zebra Reporters posted this on his Facebook page . Read it below .

My Crazy Experience at a Cemetery in Lagos!

This is Atan cemetery, Yaba Lagos, I had two funny experience at this cementary four weeks ago when I went to bury an uncle.

First is the way things are run in this cementary; according to the operators here, aside the VVIP graves, there are VIP and the regular type of graves.

Of course, the VVIP is for the “A” Class, while the VIP is for the “Average”, the “Regular” graves are for the poor.

The VVIP grave last almost forever, the VIP grave last for just 3 months, (not assured) after which corpse will be removed or replaced, while corpse buried in the Regular graves will be removed or replaced after 2 weeks (1 month max).

My uncle was buried in a shallow grave (breaks my heart, but there was nothing I could do, as family insist we can’t take him home). Indeed, we (especially Lagosians) are our own problems.

One of the cemetery officials was caught on video asking us not to bother ourselves coming back the following weeks to visit/check my Uncle’s grave.

I went round and confirm everything they said, I saw some graves with more than 1 corpse, the maximum I witnessed was 3, as in, 3 dead bodies buried inside one grave.

And I’m like; why are we doing this to ourselves? I will share my second experience in my next post!