Nigerian girl , Grace ,needs help to keep her remaining kidney. Read her touching story.


Grace, born and raised in London to Nigerian parents is facing the most challenging time of her life. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2005 and had been on a cocktail of prescription drugs for years until she made the decision to stop taking them and remove herself from the Gastro clinics care as she progressively had gotten worse.

Since She was told she had cancer in December 2017, life has not been easy. She decided to pay more attention to her diet. She felt a lot better from the dietary changes and supplements than she did during any stage when she was on the cocktail of prescription drugs.

However, in June 2018, she had her right kidney removed, the surgery seemed to be a success, and she recovered well. However, in June 2019 after a year of scans and no major concerns, her scan showed that the lesion/tumour on her remaining left kidney had grown slightly.

Today, Grace needs everyone’s help as she’s trying to keep her remaining kidney.

Read her story below:

“After pushing my Dr’s to do a routine check on the status of the Crohn’s disease I had been dealing with for some years prior….it was not long before they were telling me that there was a tumour in my kidney and that they thought it could be cancer. My name’s Grace, born and raised in London to Nigerian parents now facing the most challenging time of my life!

“Since Dec 2017, life has been a roller coaster… from the dreaded words “it’s cancer” to diet changes, lifestyle alterations, supplementing, reading, ups, extreme lows, confusion, tears, joys, hurt, loneliness, pain, surgery and mostly trying to stay strong with the support of my family & closest friends.

“Today, I am doing ok but I need your help! I am desperately trying to keep my remaining kidney, the other was removed because of a tumour (radical nephrectomy) reluctantly in 2018. For the past few months, I have been raising awareness about kidney cancer and funds to get me to a clinic in Germany that can help save my life, stay here with my loved ones & continue to experience life.

“I have raised just over £12k with the help of family, friends and generous strangers but we still have a way to go. I know it’s a tough time for all right now…so I understand that everybody cannot afford to give, even if they want to help but you can still get involved by sharing my story to others so that they can support too.

If you would like to help me on this journey – you can read my story, share or donate via GOFUNDME.COM searching GracesICan or GracesICanRecoveryFund any of the combinations will find the campaign as would the following link:

For anyone who will like to support in a different way, I have written/recorded an EP. These songs will be available to buy for a small donation, with all the proceeds going to the fundraiser. Anyone who donates to my campaign via GoFundMe will get access to my EP for free as a thank you and token of my appreciation. Thanks and stay safe.”