Nigerian mother refuses to break car window to rescue her trapped child


A yet to be identified Nigerian lady who accidentally locked her child in the car and forget the key, has refused bystanders to break her glass to rescue the child.
According to facebook user identified as OG david, the woman did’t consent to breaking her car window, rather she pleaded with the crowd to find another means to gain entry into the car to rescue the trapped child.
Aunty susu pls post. On my way back from saloon yesterday at Benin city, agip @6:03pm. We saw crowed. We decide to park and check what’s going on.
A lady locked her child in the car and forgot the key inside. The child was crying and sweating. I stood for over 15m watching the scene o.
People were busy shouting “madam make we break d glass” i was shocked the woman didn’t agree, She was pleading for them to find a means of opening the car with a child sweating and and crying bitterly. What’s d world turning too please. People now value property more than life. God please blow trumpet!, he wrote.