Nigerian startup, Busha empowering women in tech to curtail gender disparity


The advocacy for the gender discrepancy that exists in the tech industry demands intervention even if there are various initiatives being done to close the gap with regard to women in leadership roles.

Despite the fact that women account for 47.7% of the global workforce, they are still largely underrepresented in the tech industry. In addition, women make up only 30% of tech professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Furthermore, a research study by The Borgen Project indicates that women make up an average of 22% of engineering and technology graduates, and only one-fifth of these women are working in tech sectors.

In recent times, the tech industry in Nigeria has seen a boom of women going into tech and Busha, one of Nigeria’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been upfront and intentional in the advocacy and inclusion of women in tech.

According to a statement by the Research Lead at Busha, Dr Ojuolape Kuti, she identified that a major hindrance to women getting interested and advancing in tech comes from the misconception that they need core technical skills, which is not always the case.

To achieve this goal of enlightening women, the startup recently partnered with WeTechNG, a non-profit organization committed to supporting, connecting and guiding women across different areas in technology through networking, programs, and community building.

The partnership which kicked off with the WeTech conference turned out to be the most prominent women in tech conference in Nigeria.

The aim of the conference was to bring together over one thousand women, inclusive of students, to educate them on tech building, empowerment, and scaling startups in the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

During the course of the event, participants at the conference received insights from women currently working and excelling in tech, were open to hiring opportunities by Busha and other tech companies present and female-led tech start-ups got the opportunity to pitch their businesses to get funding; where one winner emerged and was gifted the sum of N500,000 by the archangels fund as support towards the growth of their business.

The conference which also featured several keynote speakers and panellists consisting of women working at Busha, and other companies in the Nigerian tech sector was an invaluable opportunity for women aspiring to work in or transition into tech.

With over 400,000 active users of the product, Busha is dedicated to giving its users a great experience, on and off the platform.

According to the Chief Product Officer, Moyo Sodipo, Busha wants its users to feel carried along and know that the startup is an organization that values their businesses and financial well-being, and will continue to do this through the provision of reliable services and partnerships in order to consistently bring value to its users and Nigerians at large.