Nigerian Transgender, Michelle Page Dares Bobrisky To Reveal His Bare Face.


The transgender recently released a video via Instagram where she challenged Bobrisky to a no-makeup contest.

In the video, she said;

“If Bobrisky is born well, if she knows that without anything, without filter, she is beautiful, let her come out without makeup, as in, without make up, then me I will now tell her that, ‘Bobrisky, me Michelle Page, I’m your mother’.”

Michelle Page captioned it with the words;

“I challenge @bobrisky222, The Nigeria Barbie to come out without makeup

I want her to come out without editing or filter, i will now tell her that i am her m4other.”

Watch the video below:

” I challenge bobrisky the Nigerian Barbie to come out without Makeup”

– Michelle page

Tife || kaisha

— WALKAHQ (@walkaHQ) February 24, 2021