Nigerian woman celebrates dog’s fifth birthday



People all over the world celebrate the birthdays of their dogs, but one Nigerian woman Bola Yusuf  simply could not pass up the chance to do so for her 5-year-old pup! Undeniably, it was a photo-shoot party .She made this post on her timeline/

I m not a pet person but this scaly wag mutt named Oscar aka alakori Oscar slowly but surely grew on me. I guess it’s expected when the owner is your baby girl😁I recalled the first day I met him, I screamed in terror and he kept trying to nibble and play with me hence the name “alakori” from me🤪. I am grateful this mutt keeps my gal company especially during Covid, walks in the parks, giving her something to do rather than dwell on the loneliness of being locked inside alone. Cheers to many more doggy life and companionship❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️FYI I still can’t stand pets😌😌😌



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