”Nigerian youths need to start identifying their skills & talents, government cannot do it alone”- Peter Adejoh( Financial Expert)


A leading financial expert and real estate mogul, Dr Peter Adejoh has urged Nigerian youths to engage themselves in productive ventures as a way of escape from the labour market, saying, “Government alone cannot meet the unemployment gap in Nigeria.”

The Benue born entrepreneur who has several businesses in Abuja with over 200 workers, stated this at a two day Youth Empowerment Seminar, organized by NKST (Universal Reformed Christian Church), Abuja, with the theme: “Unleashing the Potential, Shaping the future.”

The event which featured free vocational skills training, business coaching, start-up grants and support and mentorship took place in the Mabushi area of the Federal Capital Territory, weekend brought youths from all over Abuja who came to learn how to identify their potential, the secretes to maximizing their potentials and how to start up their businesses with or without capital as well as the legal perspective on owning a business name or company.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Independent, DR Adejoh who is also the CEO/MD of Camey and Rock Business Consulting said, “For Nigerian youths, we need to start identifying our set skills, our talents; like I always say government cannot do it alone.

In fact, the government cannot meet the unemployment gap in Nigeria. So, as youths of this country, we need to gainfully employ ourselves by way of engaging in entrepreneur skills that will help us to develop our own businesses and products that can feed into the economy. Because we need to become employers of labour and providers of labour to our populace.

“This is because, the youth population in Nigeria is exploding and if we do not become intentional in developing our set skills to be able to develop products and get things done and push products into the market, we are going to have problem of unemployment and it will keep increasing. So, I would advise our youths to engage themselves in productive ventures.”

While enlightening the youths on the importance of partnership for growth, he said, “There are a lot of agencies and institutions that government has sets up and even private institutions that are partnering with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to ensure that they are able to programme and support what they do. So, I will encourage them to go out there and look for such opportunities.

“For those in the creative industry, Adejoh said, “Nigeria is a vast country in terms of talents, we have a lot of talents. And for the creative, what I would advise is that they should begin to fine-tune their processes and ensure that their business is bankable. When you have a creative business that is bankable you always have access to finance.

Meanwhile, one of the organizers of the event, an elder of the Church and a financial services consultant, Achia Tor-Agbidye in an exclusive interview with Daily Independent explained that “The seminar is basically geared towards equipping the young people, the youths to be able to go out and express their entrepreneurial spirit.”

According to him, “The country right now, you can no longer depend on public service or government patronage. And if you notice, the entrepreneurial spirit is so strong in Nigeria now as has never been before. So, we are also trying to encourage our young people here to be able to go out and express that spirit.

“You know they said, every good entrepreneur should have seven streams of income. So, even if you are already working in one form or the other, we want to encourage you to take up business and take it up in such a way that it’s sustainable that, it can grow and become a legacy.”

Mr Agbidye who is also a Managing Partner of Intrabit Consult Limited said, “One thing that we are also promoting here is professional advice. We had a session on Legal Perspective, which was taken by a very seasoned legal luminary, Barr. Sesoo Ami who is also a Management Trainer. He spoke from the legal perspective, the kind of framework that allows the partnership to thrive in an environment that is positive.

Because usually, it is when the framework is wrong, ideas are not clearly defined and you have challenges in a partnership or with investors. We will not stop at telling people how to identify an issue or how to get funding, we are also equipping them with the basic legal framework knowledge for them to be able to go into partnerships, take on investors and grow their businesses.

Culled from Daily Independent