Nigerians react after secondary school student is beaten and bruised by principal for playing chess during classes.


An SS3 student of Mount Saint Gabriels Secondary School Makurdi was heavily bruised by his principal as punishment for not attending class, his back and buttocks were visibly red and swollen.

Narrating the incident on a group chat ,the victim’s brother alleged that the principal of the school, Rev Fr John Asen and two other teachers Leo Sonsha and Samuel Innocent flogged them because while classes were going on, the victim and his friends were at the back of the class playing chess instead of being in class, he alleged the affected students said they were not offering the subject so they decided to sit at the back of the classroom and play their game.

He alleged that the teacher marched them to the principal’s office who locked them up in his office and flogged them mercilessly till they hard bruises allover their backs……

But Nigerians have been reacting differently to the incident, while some people are sympathising with the students,others are of the opinion that this is corporal punishment and not a humant rights violation.

Reacting to the incidence ,The president of the Old Students Association,Mr Alex Addingi had this to say,

FROM MSGOBA President:

“Good evening my brothers,My attention has been drawn to the recent development that happened in MSG where some students were beaten badly by the school authorities.My senior and father of the child has asked that we keep calm pending the outcome of the critical stake holders resolution regarding this matter.Should his demands not be met after 30 days effective March 18, 2021 which are

1. Removal of Fr John Asen as principal as he has shown he is not fit to run the school with such a behaviour

2. Removal of the 2 teachers involved, sadly both of them are old boys and are not fit to be part of a school administration

3. That the concerned child be allowed to continue his education and graduate from MSGFailure of which he will take it up in court, take it up with NAPTIP and other higher Catholic authorities.

It is good to note that my senior and the father of the child is a lawyer. Barrister Cornelius Uvah of set 1989.The commissioner for Education and the MSGOBA were in copy.

Let us please respect his request as the father of the child and number 1 person concerned in the matter.

Thank you as we keep calm”

The matter is being handled by the Catholic Secretariat .

In Nigeria, corporal punishment of the child in school, at home and as sanctions for children in conflict with the law, are rarely considered as a human rights issue, but viewed more as enforcement of cultural and moral values, necessary for maintenance of law and order, and the moral upbringing of the child in the society.

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