Organizers of Face of Tiv International shift Grand Finale from Abuja to Makurdi! See additional information.


After due diligence and wide consultation with Face of Tiv International officials and stakeholders both home and abroad, the management of Face of Tiv International Beauty Pageant has decided to stage the Grand Finale of this year’s event (FOTI2023) in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

We are delighted to announce this new development as it represents the demands of our esteemed supporters and well-wishers. All security measures are now been processed to guarantee a secure finale in the Benue State Capital.

In a similar manner, officials of the Organization have critically reviewed the Contest’s voting system, and unanimously agreed to withdraw monetary voting in a bid to give a level playing ground for every willing contestant to strive and compete adequately.

Effectively, FOTI2023 will have ZERO MONETARY VOTING.

All contestants will run and win on the strength of their fan base, camp and finale activities to be announced.

Please note,

Registration commences today, 7th May 2023.

All potential contestants are advised to register via our website

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