Peter Obi lists 5 simple ways Govs can curb waste, save billions of Naira


Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra state created a buzz on social media again after he was nominated as the running mate of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar.
Obi was nominated as Atiku’s running mate on Friday, October 12, 2018.
In 2016, the former Anambra Governor also caused a stir online when he revealed how wasteful most Nigerian Governors are.
Obi, at a conference – The Platform 2016, which was organised by Covenant Christian Centre, shared how he was able to curb waste and save about N75b for Anambra statewhen he was Governor from 2007 to 2014
The former Governor said he saved $50m and N7b in Access bank,$55m and N10b in Fidelity bank, and $155.4m in Diamond bank.
Speaking on how to cut cost in governance, Obi narrated how cost him and his contingent, N10m per trip to Abuja whenever he travelled, which was 6 times monthly.
He said he had to take the hard decision to reduce the expenses after he realised that the people (30), who always accompanied him to Abuja had nothing to do there in the first place.
Condemns spending habits of Governors
The former Governor also condemned what he described as the over-bloated spending habits of Nigerian Governors, adding that it is the cause of poverty.
Obi said that states can function and carry out projects with their income and still have savings.
The former Governor also narrated how he had to stop his cook from killing a cow every day in the Government House.
“When Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo  wanted to come to Anambra state, they were supposed to used N500m to construct a presidential lodge, but I asked the President to sleep in my house through-out his stay,” he added.
At the conference, Peter Obi listed 5 simple ways Nigerian Governors can save money:
1. Governors should stop using the security vote, which is up to N600b – N800b to run their office and sponsor their aides.
2. State Governors should initiate competitive procurement.
3. Peter Obi also said Governors should do away with unconstitutional office of the first lady which is run with about N2b.
4. Governors should reduce their official cars to only 2, instead of 6 bullet-proof cars.
5. Reduce Govt. house jeeps instead of 25 jeeps, which he said is the average number most Governors have.
On a lighter note, he said “I have said it to Nigerians, Peter Obi wears only black shoes, and I have two pairs of it, and I travel with it. The purpose of shoe is to protect the leg from being hurt. Nothing else. I bought this from Marks and Spencer, $49.99, finish.”
South-East leaders express shock
Meanwhile, leaders of the PDP in the South East have expressed shock that Atiku chose an individual from the region without consulting them.
Rising from a meeting which was held on Saturday, October 13, 2018, the leaders said that they will meet with the PDP presidential candidate to air their grievances.