Police arrest Togolese cook who murdered his Nigerian boss


Two days after the Police declared a Togolese cook wanted for killing his boss, Chief Ope Badamosi, the police have arrested the suspect in Ondo State.
The suspect identified as Sunday reportedly killed Badamosi on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, three days, after he was employed.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the deceased’s wife had gone to the bank when the cook carried out the act and only came back to find her husband in a pool of his blood.
A police source also said that the suspect had turned up the sound system to the loudest volume while he stabbed his victim on his chest multiple times.
After committing the act, the suspect went to the toilet and pulled off his white cook uniform as it had been stained with blood.
“He also left the knife he used inside the toilet,” the police source said.
The source noted that the knife used in perpetrating the act signified that the suspect could be an ex-military man.
“Again, we went through his things and found some old pictures of him putting on a camouflage belonging to Republic of Benin military,” he added.
The suspect, after committing the act then ransacked the apartment and stole a huge amount of money, valuables such as jewellery and a mobile phone.
The police, in a notice issued to declare the cook wanted, said actions have been taken to apprehend him.
Two days after he was declared wanted, the police arrested the suspect on Friday, November 2, 2018, at his hideout in Ondo state. He is currently at Fagun Police station in Ondo.
Chief Ope Badamosi is the Chairman of Credit Switch Technology.