Police Boss Warns Nigerians Against Giving Phones To Officers At Checkpoints


Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Bassey Ewah, has warned Nigerians against giving their phones to policemen who stop them at checkpoints without a warrant.

He said the warrant is needed before any officer can check the phones of Nigerians.

Speaking on Wednesday, Nov. 10, while answering questions during a program organized by the Police Community Relation Committee in Lagos State, Ewah said police officers carrying out an investigation would present a warrant before asking for a person’s phone.

He then encouraged Nigerians not to give their phones to any officer who doesn’t show them a warrant.

He said: “I stand to be corrected; please do not give any policeman who stopped you on the checkpoint your phones; it’s not our schedule. If we are investigating you, we will present a warrant and then demand your phone. Please take note.”