Popular Comedienne ‘mummy Wa’ Finally Opens Up On Having Affair With Mr Macaroni


Mummy Wa said due to their splendid performance as man and wife in Mr. Macaroni’s videos, people often think in reality they are dating but they are not and she expressed appreciation to Mr. Macaroni for giving her the chance to feature in his videos.

In her words,

“People assume that I am dating Mr Macaroni in real life. Maybe it’s because the character I play is Mrs Macaroni. It’s fine. When they watch our skits they embody everything. They put everything in their minds, spirits, which is good and nice. Some people think we are married in real life.”

She also spoke on how she deals with attention from men and she said,

“I don’t really feel all that. It’s just once in a while that I dress up. I prefer hoodies, I like wearing shorts and cover-ups. I think every girl gets that attention basically, I don’t want to think it’s because I am buzzing.”