President Buhari hosts Young Political Appointees and Volunteers of his party APC, to a dinner in the State House, Abuja. PHOTOS


As the 2019 elections draws closer, President Buhari last night, hosted Young Political Appointees and Volunteers of his party APC, to a dinner in the State House, Abuja.Posting photos from the dinner on his Twitter handle, President Buhari commended the young political appointees for their commitment towards the growth and development of Nigeria. He wrote”I spent the evening at dinner with a group of young supporters of our administration and our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). All of them united by their love for Nigeria and their desire and determination to see the country thrive and prosper, today and in the future. I thank everyone who came tonight. I will never take your support for granted. Together we will build a Nigeria we can all be proud of; a land that our children and grandchildren will be proud to call their own. The journey has started, and we will work together to complete it. I believe that if we fix infrastructure- roads, rail, power – a lot of Nigerians will mind their own business and be energized to pursue their dreams. I don’t know why previous administrations since 1999 did not use their foresight to focus on infrastructure and get it right.  Our intention in this administration is simple and clear: we will fix Nigeria’s infrastructure; we will improve the lives and living conditions of the poor, through our emphasis on agriculture and social investment. We will invest in the people of Nigeria. For a long time Nigeria’s wealth was used to benefit only a greedy minority. Years of high oil revenues failed to translate into improvements in infrastructure or quality of living. Our administration was elected to break free from that past; we will be steadfast in this mission”.See more photos from the dinner belo