Reno Omokri Lists Ten Characteristics Of A Wife Material


Reno Omokri has listed what in his opinion are the ten characteristics of a wife material.

In his submission, one of the qualities of a wife material is that she is cooperatively submissive and not stupidly submissive. Read what he wrote below

”10 Characteristics Of a Wife Material

* Gives you love, not romance
* She has high relevance, but is not high maintenance
* She has an independent, legal and provable income
* Her relationship does not break when you are broke
* She knows how to pray, play, slay and stay
* Encourages you to save money by cooking, instead of frequently taking her on romantic restaurant dates
* She is cooperatively submissive, not stupidly submissive
* She shares your religious, ethical and moral values
* She is willing to confront you when you are wrong
* She makes an effort to get along with your friends and family”