Residents are offering free wedding services to a physically challenged groom so that he can enjoy the wedding of his dreams.


The good people of Benue have decided to help a physically challenged groom experience the wedding of his dreams. Almost every item required for the planning of the wedding, slated for May 13th, 2023, has reportedly already been rented by someone.Take a look at the volunteers below.

1 McSpanix will anchor for
2 Photography Wizzy Curtis

3 Bridal Make up Biggyz touch

4 Cake Aver Akighir

5 Wedding Rings Pretty Child…

6 Cake transportation from abj Barr Kor. (Settled)
7 Anonymous 20k for fueling brides car
8 Anonymous 10k logistics
9 Anonymous 10k (redeemable on Thursday)
10 Anonymous Small chops (this one sweet me)
11 Chillers and ice block Yohanna Ebe

12 Souvenir stickers Comr Samuel Ankwagh
13 Guest artist performance Sonaya

14 Anonymous 2 cartons of wine
15 50kg bag of rice Sewuese ter Vivian Azua
16 5 packs of water Dupzy smiles
17 Traffic control at church Sir Gabby

18 Fabmimi is  giving chaffing dishes and dinner plates to cater for the high table.

C. E O Kenny Fashion designers Kehinde Babatunde Ogunlokun to dish out 10 bags of water for guests.
Ray Clothings is giving the Groom a brand new suit !

Posh Ushers, the award winning ushers who handle strictly High profile weddings are Lending their support to this couple…


NB… All these services and Materials and gestures listed above are free. Please if you want to join this moving train feel free to contact Vanen and MC Spanix on Facebook