See photos of the newly constructed Palace of Tor Tiv In Gboko,Benue State.


Benue State Tor Tiv HRM Orchivirigh Prof James Ayatse is likely to move into his palace soon because the palace is almost ready. HRM Prof. James Ayatse who ascended the throne on March 4th 2020 has been operating from a temporary Palace for over three years now.

On Monday 28.September 2020 ,Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom inspected the ongoing construction work at the Palace in Gboko Local Government Area, where the contractors are putting finishing touches to the edifice . The Governor directed the contractor to intensify more work on the project.

Many Benue sons and daughters have taken to their personal accounts on social media to express great delight in the edifice, calling it a magnificent show of strength from the Benue State seat of power.

Palace Chapel.
The Old Palace