See The Moment ‘Ultimate Love’ Star Bolanle Received Brand New SUV As Birthday Gift From Fans (Video)


Ultimate Love Star

Bolanle Oluchi Babalola

Bolanle Oluchi Babalola, an Ultimate Love star has become the latest reality TV star to receive a huge gift from her fans.

Popularly called by her first name, the second runner up of the show took to her official Instagram page to share a video of how she was presented with a brand new silver SUV car.

In the video she shared online, she was approached by two ladies and one of them presented her with a box wrapped in a huge red ribbon. As they presented it to her, she joked about the fact that the box isn’t heavy.

However, when she opened it, she was stunned by what was inside – a car key.

Meanwhile, the car was parked and covered so that she had to search for it to uncover it herself. As soon as she found it, Bolanle went mute as she was so surprised by the show of love.

“This is your birthday gift from your godmothers, family, and friends. this was supposed to be on your birthday but for some reason. but you know what? God always saves the best for the last,” the woman who presented the car to her said as Bolanle stood awestruck.

Watch the video below:

The Ultimate Love star went on to share more photos with her brand new car. According to her, she’s so happy with her gift.

“My heart is still filled with indescribable happiness as I type this…shouts of joy still in my mouth. Gratefulness flows from my heart… Truly I believe the words of the popular Yoruba saying that says, ‘people are my covering.’ Indeed I have the best family supporting me,”
 she said