Sen Abba Moro sponsors bill seeking to establish Families of fallen servicemen support fund .


The Bill for an Act to establish the Families of Fallen Servicemen Support Fund and for other related matters, being sponsored by Distinguished Senator Abba Moro, passed Second Reading on the floor of the Senate this Wednesday, March 24. The Bill was read the first time on Thursday, 18th February, 2021.

In his lead debate, Senator Moro said the Bill was to, among other things, establish a Fund to be known as ‘THE FAMILIES OF FALLEN SERVICEMEN SUPPORT FUND’ into which shall be paid all monies prescribed under the Bill and monies received as donations, bequeaths, trusts and contributions for the welfare of families of members of the armed forces and operatives of other security agencies who die in the line of duty including combat and non-combat deaths.

He said the Fund, if established, would provide succour for families of servicemen who die in active service.