SIF begins IVY Outreach ‘Gift Her A Pen and A Book’….Buy one item and help renovate a school in a community.


The Samuel Ioron Foundation-SIF after a 10 month preparation for an intervention project on scaling up girl education in rural communities in Nigeria is set to begin the IVY outreach in communities in Nigeria, using 10 communities in Benue state as a pilot state.
The IVY project uses an illustration book titled same with a short film adaptation depicting the struggles a child bride undergoes and educates stakeholders on the importance of girl education towards advancing economic and social growth.
The objective of the IVY project is to:
1. To break language and communication barrier in communities during advocacy.
2. Improve reading habit of stakeholders through reading challenges carried out during this intervention.
3. Scaling up girl education through increased access to education and eradication of harmful practices on the girl child. 
After the two weeks outreach in communities, from 7th – 17th January, 2019, replication can be carried out in different communities.
An online fundraiser has launched with the IVY fair trade with supplies of customized IVY mugs, T-shirts, stickers and the IVY illustration books -paperback for customers all over Nigeria.
The funds received from the fundraiser and fair trade will be used for sustaining the project and used for the following:
1. Renovation of two schools in two communities and training of teachers in rural communities.
2. Advancing the IVY project for wider reach
3. Retention of 10 school girls in school from 4 communities registered under the AidaruralGirlSchoolProject.
The IVY project can be replicated by willing volunteers, organizations in any part of the country from 20th January, 2019 as advocacy materials will be made available on the website: www.samuelioronfoundation

For further enquiries contact:
Or call: +2348067719223
Ngunan Ioron Aloho esq
Secretary, Samuel Ioron Foundation.