Soldier to be executed by hanging in Borno for killing his colleagues and others.


The Nigerian Army 7 Division General Court Martial has convicted Private Musa Saleh to death by hanging for the murder of a fellow soldier in Mafa Town, Borno state. Saleh, who was charged with four counts including attempted murder, assault, and murder, entered a not guilty plea. According to the court martial presided over by Brig.-Gen. Richard Pam, the charges against the soldier assigned to the 112 Task Force Battalion in Mafa were established, and it was also learned that he had killed five innocent people, injured others, and rendered others permanently disabled.

In order to prove the charges, the prosecution’s attorney called six witnesses and provided eleven exhibits, whereas the defence attorney called the accused soldier as a witness and provided one display. According to Brig.-Gen. Pam, after carefully examining the material presented to the court martial, it was found that there had been a blatant violation of established laws. The General Court called Martial sentenced you to the following: Count one, death by hanging; Count two, 24 months in prison; Count three, 24 months in prison; and Count four, life in prison. The situation between the Nigerian Army and Private Musa Saleh has come to a conclusion, and I think we will put our hands in order and do what is necessary at the appropriate moment, the defence attorney, Habib Kabura Batuncha, said in a statement to journalists.