“Tell Haleema Grema and Hajara, of H&H Continental Restaurant Abuja to refund my money. “- Linda Adzuanaga (Abuja Food Vendor) See proof .


It appears the owners of H&H Continental Restaurant  and Abuja based Food Vendor Lynda Adzuanaga  are in hot water over a deal gone sour.

Lynda who is a Food Vendor  and owner of Yummy Blendz  has called out the owners of H&H restaurant Haleema and Hajara for refusing to refund her money. 

According to Lynda, Hajara and Haleema owe her 1.8m (one million ,eight hundred and twenty thousand naira) since 2018 . 

She disclosed on her Facebook page that she paid for a shop space at their premises on No 18 Blantyre Street and she never took possession of the place despite making full payment.

She further stated that she asked for a refund of her money which the both agreed to because of their failure to keep some parts of the brain , but they still refused to pay her the money ! Read the full post below ! 

Anyone who knows Haleema Grema and her partner Hajara, of H&H Continental Restaurant,should tell them, that I’m going to drag them all over social media and to the police. They have had my NGN 1.8m( one million eight hundred and twenty thousand Naira), since 2018 and have blatantly refused to pay her her money 

I paid for a shop space at their premises ,at No. 18 Blantyre Street which I never took possession of,but had to ask for a refund which we both agreed to, because of their failure to keep to some parts of the brain. However, they have failed,refused and neglected to refund my money. 

They have gone ahead despite letters from my lawyers since last year, to ignore me and act like they are invincible or above the law,or that I’m a fool whom they can intimidate, into parting with her hard earned money. 

I discovered today, that they have even rented the place out to a new client since last month,but conveniently forgot  to pay my money. 

Look at the response of their lawyer and you will understand, why Nigerians have no faith in the legal system! 

A lawyer who should know better,wrote this rubbish and craftily exonerated himself with the words ‘ WITHOUT PREJUDICE’ enabling a crime and trying to act like a neutral party. 

Since they feel they know people in power, I will also employ the power of the common people, to recover my money. 

Owing money is one thing,how you treat your creditor,is another thing. I owe people and have debts presently,but I would NEVER treat anyone,whom  I’m indebted to, this way. It’s is the height of wickedness. 

The only thing that will stop me from dropping my petition to the police tomorrow,is a credit alert,of the full sum in question. This case has gone beyond a civil case of recovery or premises,but has elements of criminality,because there’s an obvious plan,to defraud me. 

As for the interest, they are also business people,they should prepare to lose as much as they have made me lose. 

PS Nobody should call me, to advice me to take down any post. Except you’re giving me the money in question. Teinku!