Terry Waya reacts to #EndSARS protests.


Nigerian billionaire Mr Terry Waya has joined in support of the #EndSARS protest that has overtaken Nigeria.

A few minutes ago he took to his Facebook page to solicit support for Nigerian protesters seeking an end to Police brutality and calling for reforms.

Terry Waya who is the father of Kiddwaya an ex housemate at the BBNaija 2020 in his post noted that citizens have every reason and right to call for a reform of the oppressive and brutal system.

In the past few days a lot of friends especially youth groups have accused me of being indifferent to the end SARS protests,while i support not only an end to SARS but all forms of brutality against innocent citizens whether police,
Military or government here is my take on some of the issues firstly police brutality and abuse has predated every post independent Nigerian govt as it was a creation of colonialism and all subsequent governments have used it to oppress and suppress dissent at one time or the other and unfortunately for president Muhammadu Buhari that was the system he inherited so rightly the youths and my fellow citizens have every reason and infact right to call for a reform of this oppressive and brutal system but what i don’t support is for old politicians and opposition to use this against the government of president Buhari when some of them during their time in office as president or other top office holders they not only encouraged the empowerment of these brutal agencies but actually used them in the most heinous manners against innocent citizens,lest we forget that the massacre in Odi started because then president Obasanjo sent the police to brutalize innocent citizens and in the process the people turned and murdered some of them which made him to invite the military to decimate a whole community ditto the massacre in Zaki Biam so it will be so immoral for these type of horrible people who had every opportunity while in government and never saw anything wrong in the oppressive operations of these agencies to turn round now and join us genuine protesters in short president Buhari himself has been a victim of police brutality many times the most famous was when they were used to tear gas his rally in Kano by Obasanjo that led to the death of his then running mate and my very good friend Dr Chuba Okadigbo and am also surprised that some politicians and governors are humoring us genuine protesters pretending to be joining us knowing fully well they are the same people who have used these same police to rig elections or eliminate opponents what are they trying to gain by throwing the president under the bus,it’s a disgrace this is a national problem that we all need to confront together and not make it look like a creation of the present government,we all remember one of our greatest athletes Dele Udo who was murdered at a checkpoint in 1981 and i also remember in the 80’s in Lagos the same police chased one of their a deputy commissioner of police at a checkpoint to Ibrahim Mantu’s House in S/west Ikoyi and shot him dead point blank and also we should not just stop at reforming the police but to ensure they only perform their civic duties of protecting lives and properties instead of protecting criminals which is what they have been turned into finally i believe the behavior of the police is just the same Nigerian mentality and the systematic failure of a system that has defied all solutions and prefer to fight back reforms and reformists till it collapses,it’s not different from what the civil servants are or ASUU,medical associations or society generally it’s an endemic problem that keeps deferring solutions till it kills us like corruption.