“The Presidency Is Not A Retirement Home,” -Peter Obi


According to Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate for president, the highest position in the land is not a retirement home for the elderly but rather a place for young, nimble people who are passionate about the advancement of the nation.

Obi, who claimed to be the only young candidate among the four major political parties, said it was time for Nigeria’s youth to retake the nation. Additionally, he stated that young people should hold all other positions.

The LP flagbearer repeatedly emphasised “character, competence, dedication, and coercion as vital in the election” during his campaign speech in Ado Ekiti on Thursday in Ekiti State.

“Competence must be the foundation of this election.

“We want people who are knowledgeable and aware of the issues facing our nation. We need people who will combat poverty because our people are dying from it. The LP administration will combat poverty. I’m dedicated to creating a brand-new Nigeria. Let no one convince you that it is his turn; I am running because I am the most qualified Nigerian, not because it is my turn.

He warned the young people, “It is not a retirement home,” as he solicited the support of the Ekiti people to become the next president. We want you to assume leadership since our government will be made up entirely of women, young people, and children.

See how Nigeria will change by supporting Peter Obi and vice presidential candidate Ahmed Datti. Datti and I are capable. We possess the knowledge, the physical stamina, the dedication, and the passion.

“This country will be safe and united under the LP rule. We want to secure and unite the nation since there is now no security there. People in the nation are currently going hungry, and there are no employment for our youth.

“Our goal is to ensure that the nation transitions from consumption to production. If we begin producing in this nation, there will be jobs, jobs for our youth, and we will export, the value of the naira against other currencies will be robust.