TRENDING: ‘They won’t come out to vote’ — Nigerians react to crowd at BBNaija auditions


The Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions is ongoing in various parts of the country and will continue on Saturday, February 2.
This is the first time the reality TV show will be hosted in Lagos and there has been an outpour of people hoping to scale through auditions to become housemates.
Nigerians took to the social media platform to express their opinions from various perspectives.
Here is what they had to say:

Imagine lying to your boss you are sick just to go for bbnaija audition 😁 and boom 🤔 you are in the viral video #bbnaija 
What will you do?
— Nigeria Coffee ☕❤ (@Prettyy_Rib) February 1, 2019

Call for a protest about #EndASUUStrike or anything about the future of Nigeria youths you are not likely to see 1% of this crowd. Are we a serious nation at all?
— Ohimai Godwin Amaize (@MrFixNigeria) February 1, 2019

Maybe if ASUU were not on strike; maybe if graduates had a high chance of getting a fairly good paying job after school; maybe if our society celebrated brains and innovations with the same amount of money they do natural talents; then maybe this won’t be happening at #BBNaija
— Joshua Kadiri (@JoshuaKadiri10) February 1, 2019

The crowd at the #BBnaijaauditions is proof of our flawed value system and our failed government. I am not against anyone going to audition for it, but when this is what majority of our youth see as a way to escape poverty, then we have a serious problem.
— No one (@ilynem) February 1, 2019

#BBNaija audition Lagos. The hustle no be here ooo.
— Ikenna Ogbenta (@Ikenna_Ogbenta) February 1, 2019

Someone was deliberately standing beside transformer at the audition 😂😂 Naija we diie here
— Biyi The Plug 🔌 (@BiyiThePlug) February 1, 2019

Traffic & people are fainting already in Lagos
Abuja looks like a revival service: a whole dual lane road blocked#BBNaija
— Lord Laplace (@yslaplace) February 1, 2019

If you see of your friends doing crazy shits at the venue of #BBNaija audition, Support them o
₦45m is involved #Bet9jaBBN
— Enekem 💎 (@EnekemGreg) February 1, 2019

If only they added PVC as one of the requirements for #BBNaijaaudition.
— The Other AY (@_nistelroooy) February 1, 2019

At the venue rn and looking at the struggle,there is no gender mehn. One lady is angry and complaining that why is it ‘Big BROTHER Nigeria’ and not ‘Big PEOPLE Nigeria?? ‘🤔🤔
— MC_PUNs😀😀 (@2much_opoTBdope) February 1, 2019

My friend : “How far now, are you going for the #BBNaijaaudition holding in Lagos today?”
— Divine (@deebugzy) February 1, 2019

The fiasco 4 #BigBrother has begun & millions of youths all over the country have queued up for hrs for a chance at the prize money.
why are your past housemates not posting throwback pics of them on the queue?
— Ajayi Prime Tobbi (@prime_tobbi) February 1, 2019

Well #BBNaija is the fastest way to STARDOM. From not being known on your street, to being a celebrity. I’m not surprised at the turn up. But how are they gon’ select 16-20 ppl from about 20k ppl nationwide?
— Princess Ife❤️ (@ife_luv12) February 1, 2019

Wait ooo, are you telling me that all these Nigerians that came out for #BBNaija auditions across the country have Intl passport?
— Still On Still 🎓 ™®© (@iamstillonstill) February 1, 2019

#BBNaija It wasn’t an audition please..
Auditioning I know about actually deals with *Knowing* your participants.
All they did was bring out some cards (joker)..Gave it to us all and asked.
What is special about that card you are holding.
People started using quotes for card 😂
— 💙 💯✨OMO EKO PATAKI🔌 #BBNaija (@BBNaijatrend) February 1, 2019

Stay at home but they won’t hear. See this one now embarrassing himself. BBNaija is not for everyone.
— Legit Omo Ijesha 🇳🇬🚨🚨 (@legit_ijesha) February 1, 2019

Why can’t they give the folks tags, attend to them in say batches of 100 so as to avoid possibly people swooning or fainting. Or in worst case scenarios, dying?
As done below?
— of Kongfuson🇳🇬 (@preyeyinkore) February 1, 2019

Because the organizers hav 1 unchangeable rule. THEY DON’T PICK PEOPLE OFF THE STREETS. U must understand Dat #BBNaijais a trade in attention & is thus business. So chuks who is on #AsuuStrike can never get in. EVERY HOUSEMATE HAS 1 THING IN COMMON, THEY WERE POPPING BEFORE…..
— Ajayi Prime Tobbi (@prime_tobbi) February 1, 2019