Women Put Themselves Under Pressure To Attract Men But Claim To Be Doing It For Themselves – Kiddwaya


Kiddwaya raised this concern during an Instagram live meeting with disc jockey, DJ Cuppy and furthermore encouraged women to be content with their bodies.

His remark comes after DJ Cuppy wept over the youth have become too shallow and furthermore focused on her weaknesses as individuals have been remarking on her new look contrarily.

She said, “I feel like as Nigerians and young black people, we need to stop being so on the surface. We are putting ourselves under too much pressure. Even with make-up, lashes, we cannot kill ourselves. Even weight is a thing”

Kiddwaya also chide, “Let’s bring back being natural. It is okay to have short hair, short nails. It is okay not to wear heels when going out”.”

He however emphasized that a lot of women are under pressure to look too beautiful and smashing but they do it attract the kind of guy who loves such thing though they claim to be doing it for themselves.

He added, “Girls, you have to power to control the narrative. If a lot of women decide to go natural, I think guys have no choice but to accept it. I remember about ten years ago, it was slim girls that men liked. When the Kardashians came on the scene, men began to look for women with curves and slim waists. I want someone with a big heart, that is the only thing I need.”