Working with Obasanjo, Jonathan prepared me for success as President -Doyin Okupe


A former presidential spokesperson, Dr. Doyin Okupe, has assured Nigerians that the wealth of experiences he garnered working with former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, and Goodluck Jonathan, really equipped him with necessary knowledge on how to effectively administer Nigeria.

Okupe said he was prepared and ready to help Nigeria overcome its various challenges social, economic and political crisis which he noted, had continued to militate against the nation’s growth and development.

The medical doctor turned politician, according to a statement by his media office on Saturday, stated this while responding to questions during a live interview session with the PUNCH during the week.

He argued that the Nigerian elite class had failed totally to solve the various issues militating against the progress of the nation.

He also stated that he was contesting to be president in 2023 to make a statement that the Nigerian political class could provide positive leadership that would lead to the growth and development of the country.

He said, “Providence has taken me to the corridor of power having worked with two different presidents in the nation and by this I know how this country should be run. I believe in my abilities to bring about the much needed change for this country.”

Okupe also stated that he had a strategically crafted out seven point agenda which he believe that if well executed, would change the narrative for a better Nigeria

He also expressed his readiness to see homegrown means to solve the problem caused by lack of adequate power supply in the nation.

He said, “It is possible for the nation to achieve a 24- hour power supply and I am committed to achieve it.

“Nigerian can benefit from me, from the various experiences I have garnered working at the presidency.

“I am better than any other presidential aspirants that have so far indicated their intention to run and I believe in my strength to deliver,” he stated