Young people must intentionally work on their own personal development through education.- Adejoh


Dr. Peter Adejoh, an Idoma born billionaire, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and president of the PETER ADEJOH FOUNDATION, attended the book launch of Mr. Peterhot, an Idoma born brilliant writer, on Thursday, December 8, 2022.

At the book launch, Dr. Adejoh, a guest speaker, expressed his admiration for Mr. Peterhot’s excellent work on the book “THE 4 BIOGRAPHIES THAT CAN INSPIRE YOUR GREATNESS.”

Dr. Adejoh focused more in his presentation on the critical need for youth empowerment. According to him, the Idoma people, Benue, and Nigeria cannot advance or recover from their current economic predicament without empowerment.

Dr. Adejoh, in his own words, lays great importance on youth empowerment, which is why 69% in his organizations, young people under 35 make up % of the workforce. He thought that the wonderful nation we all long for will emerge once the kids are given the mental and economic tools they need.

According to statistics, young people make up 70% of Nigeria’s population; therefore, unless urgent action is taken to reduce the country’s high youth unemployment rate, Nigeria is doomed. According to Dr. Adejoh, socioeconomic progress can only result from human development.
He stated that young people must intentionally work on their own personal development through necessary education, etc.

The serial entrepreneur firmly asserted that “the least educated youthful population is the most dangerous group in any society.”

Doctor Adejoh encouraged Nigerians and the Idoma people to select better candidates in the upcoming general elections since their selection will decide the level of success we experience over the next 4–8 years.

“WE ONLY RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS” was the catchphrase he used to conclude his lecture.